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Dave Watts, 2013
Hi Romeo,
What a surprise to come in the door & have a call from you !
You wouldn't believe it but we just arrived home about 1 hr ago from Italy !!
Where we were for 10 days. We'd be glad to have an update on what you're doing these days,we love the cycling there since you introduced us to the area many years ago !

Claire Vendramini, 2012
Hi Romeo Thanks for the email. I've been wondering what you've been up to. I did my first Ironman in LK Placid this past July. I'm going to try to qualify for Hawaii this year as I'm changing age groups. Please remember that it all started for me with your trip to Italy those many years ago. Cheers Claire

Kam Lo, 2012
Hi Romeo,

Hope all is well. I am once again impressed by the passion that you have in cycling and in arranging the cycling trip to Italy year after year. You inspired me and my husband on this sport and this year, Bob, myself and our daughter Ashley is joining the 200KM Ride to Conquer cancer from Toronto to Niagara Fall. Once I complete this trip, I think I am good to join you to cycle in Italy. Although we didn't cycle the last time we joined you at Sardinia, the fond memory of the trip and the beauty of Sardinia and of course your wonderful company is still on our mind...

Susan Charnock, Vancouver, Gabicce Mare
Glad you talked me into visiting Bologna. It was enchanting to see the elegant city center with its medieval streets and porticoed sidewalks where you stroll like royalty. And too, it was such an honour to meet your friends.

Thank you Romeo. You are a wonderful ambassador for the country of your childhood and made my first visit to Italy an enticement for return adventures. Your tour was everything I hoped for, with even the unexpected topping the charts: training with a cycling champion for example. Grazie!

Robert & Mie, Dundas, Ontario, Gabicce Mare
We'd like to thank you for the fabulous time we had during the "Tour by the Sea" in and around Gabbice Mare this spring. As you promised, everything was top notch. The attention to detail you provided was exceptional. From the many follow-up calls and e-mails devoted to making sure we were prepared to the beautiful tour bus which was ours exclusively from the airport to the opulent 4 star hotel to the river of advice and recommendations regarding everything Italy, to Franco Ventrescas efficient travel agency youve chosen to work with, we couldnt imagine a better Italian experience.

Did I mention the cycling? Unparalleled in my many years of experience! Exhilarating riding with the pack, breathtaking views from hilltops - whizzing along on flawless public roads free of traffic! This was as close to riding the Tour de France any of us mortals would encounter. The coaching afternoon you organized for our group with Patrizia pushed us all up several notches in our skill and confidence. Our hopes of losing a few pounds with the daily regimen of riding (which we must admit we didnt strictly adhere to) were hopelessly dashed on day one when we got an inkling of the level of culinary fare we would be helpless to resist the rest of the week.

Lastly, and I hesitate to mention this at the risk of you putting your prices up, all this at a cost which is a fraction of what the big commercial tour organisers charge. We had a ball!

Our greatest thanks - we've told all our friends and we're already planning our next trip with you.

Lorne McDougall, Thunderbay, Ontario, Gabicce Mare
This was the best vacation that I've ever had. The idea of staying in a first class hotel, having great meals everyday and being on the Adriatic Sea Coast plus having nicely challenging daily rides, escorted by police and support vehicles was so great, that I can hardly wait to do it again. Easter Week seemed like the perfect time to be there the weather was very good for biking and their were no tourists, we had the town to ourselves basically.

Bruce Truscott, Brampton, Ontario, Gabicce Mare
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for organizing the Gabicce Mare Easter Cicloturistica. I had a wonderful time….and thanks for your attentive care for the safety & happiness of the riders.

Domenic Bumbaca, Mississauga, Ontario, Gabicce Mare
Awakened by the splashing waves of the Adriatic Sea. One glance at the celestial blue sky promised a wonderful adventure of bike riding. Gabicce Mare beckoned the 400+ cycling enthusiasts. The local townsfolk lined the narrow roadway. Nonnas overseeing the colourful peloton from the vantage point of their balconies. The local mayor resplendent in his official regalia getting ready to cut the tri-coloured ribbon marking the beginning of this week-long cycling extravaganza amongst the hillsides, vineyards, and farms of the Italian countryside. 75 kilometers were over too soon as we enter Gabicce Mare. I just can't wait until tomorrow, and the next day and the next. 7 more days of riding bliss is just the recipe to replenish the psyche.

Peter Zenti, Wisconsin, Gabicce Mare
The Italy trip was very unique for me… Am still pinching myself...was I really there...it was great.

Rico Bumbaca, Los Angeles, California, Gabicce Mare
I had an amazing time in Italy and think about it often, it was so much fun and extremely well organized!

Saul Goldman, Dolomites
The 28th annual Giro delle Dolomiti takes place on the last week of July in the picturesque town of Bolzano. This mountainous region harmoniously blends German and Italian culture in a unique flavour. The Giro also blends cycling culture with a mix of German and Italian cyclists with a smattering of Norwegians, other Europeans and one Canadian; me. Some 700 cyclists participate in this test of endurance speed and determination. Each ride includes a time trial up the most challenging climb of the day.

Lorne Anderson, La Bicicletta Toronto Ontario, before his 2nd tour. Gabicce Mare
Dear Romeo,
I cant wait another day, Is there a chance I can catch an earlier flight to Gabicce? Possibly tomorrow or the next day?

Dominic, Gabicce Mare
I wanted to thank you for the whole wonderful experience of Gabicce Mare... a truly spectacular cycling vacation. I can now claim to have been to cycling heaven...ITALIA! You provided a cycling retreat that I will treasure for a lifetime. All cycling enthusiasts owe it to themselves the "La Bella Italia" at least once.

Lawrence, Sardegna
To say we had a great time would be an understatement. Being the only non-Italians at this resort, and Canadians to boot, meant we were treated like guests. I should also mention that most of the resort guests were NOT cyclists. Almost all of the Italians brought their families, as this is a beautiful vacation spot. So, if you have a spouse or friend who would like to come along but is not a cyclist, they should be in good company.

Elizabeth, Gabicce Mare
Thank you so much for organizing what for me has been the trip of a lifetime. You made this trip safe and comfortable, yet challenging, exciting and extremely rewarding...one couldn't ask for more!

Claire Vendramini, Gabicce Mare
Once again, this year as in the past, Romeo took 16 strangers to Gabicce Mare and turned us into a team. We stayed at the Grand Hotel Michelacci right beside the Adriatic sea, we ate incredible meals each day, we talked about our adventures and encouraged each other to conquer the next day's hills. And believe me, they were quite the hills. The last day we went to a beautiful castle at the top of San Marino. I'm not saying how I did, but coming down was really fun. Each time I conquered a mountain, I bought a small token to remember it by. I show them with pride to people I meet and now, each time I cycle up our Ontario hills, I remember my trip and the amazing time I had. The "team was the thing" and the way the stronger players helped the weaker ones was incredible. I thank Romeo for the opportunity to be part of this trip and the "team" for their unbelievable support. Will I go back? You bet! Next year in May, I'll join the group to Sardegna with Romeo. He's great company and I believe that life is too short to miss one of his trips!

Saul Goldman (www.velotique.com), Gabicce Mare
Tiramisu for Cyclists Meandering banked downhill corners, smooth pavement, wide sweeping curves and suggestive panorama, dull the memory of the challenging climbs. Medieval castles draw me to the top of the next ancient hilltop village...This is a taste of Gabicce Mare, a seven-day spring feast of cycling...Our host Romeo Alberico has been recruiting Canadian cyclists to cycling's promised land since 1996...Our accommodation was in a four-star beach hotel with three spectacular multi-course meals in the Italian tradition. Romeo says Canadian merely eat to live while Italians live to eat. To that I add, I cycle to eat Italian food, roads and culture. After eight days, 700km, 24 meals, lots of espresso, gelato, a little wine, a shot of grappa, 10 castles and one mountaintop republic, my cycling appetite is satisfied.

Natalie Ho Gabicce Mare
Gabicce Mare is just 250 km south of Venice and Romeo arranged for us to visit this extraordinary city. The week was over too soon, but I will keep with me the memories of the congenial people, the lush countryside and the excellent food. Thank you Romeo!

Lyndy, Gabicce Mare
Romeo, thank you for a wonderful time in Italy and memories I'll have for a lifetime (and stronger leg muscles as well!!) ...Hope we'll be able to get together again, perhaps for some cycling on this side of the world!

Dave, Gabicce Mare
There once was a man named Romeo Who loved to sing Sole Mio
His heart is not small
And he sure had a ball
As he danced and drank wine (not Brio)

Louise, Gabicce Mare
There once was a man Romeo by name
From ltalia to Canada he came
If touring by bike
Is your heart's delight
Go with Romeo of Gabicce Mare fame!

Lynne, Gabicce Mare
Romeo, Thank you for my first experience of Europe. It was the best trip I have ever had. You are a very generous, kind and fun man to be with. I truly enjoyed everyone in the group. Italy is fantastic. I feel blessed to have been a part of this trip.

Beverly Tyler, Sardegna
Hi Romeo, Just a quick note to thank you for a great holiday! I made several new friend and can't wait until next year!! Your kindness & generosity was above & beyond - you are a very good person.

Helen & Gerry Bick, Sardegna
We wanted to thank you again for organizing a fantastic trip! Gerry and I thoroughly enjoyed it and would jump at the chance to go again next year. Please let the Italian organizer UISP know that it was a very good, organized, fun cycling trip. They made it safe and enjoyable with very good rides. I also really liked the resort. It had many other activities to do. It was a great place to hold such a venue. The resort rooms were also clean and spacious enough for both our bikes. The food, aaahh the food. Very very good. Ciao!

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